Frequently Asked Questions


Therapeutic Specialties

Pathways to the Heart: Sexuality, Intimacy, & Relational Therapy LLC., specializes with working with couples (in all stages of their relationships). As a licence marriage and family therapist we can work on your partnership and concerns around communication, relational patterns, struggles in current life cycle stages, and other concerns that are effecting your relationship. 

Another specialty includes working LGBTQIA identified clients (adolescents to adults), who are questioning, coming out, and/or navigating other transitions.̀ We help to provided trans* identified clients with evaluations and letters for all parts of their transition.

 In addition as a certified sex therapist, specialties include (though not limited to) working with individuals, and partners, on the following concerns; desire discrepancy, sexual dysfunctions (pain during sex, orgasm concerns, no to low desire, erectile dysfunctions,), compulsions around sexuality, fetishes, kink, and open relationships. 


Pathways to the Heart: Sexuality, Intimacy, & Relational Therapy, LLC., takes Anthem and Husky Insurance. We can help process out of Network benefits from other insurance companies. You would be responsible for paying your assigned copay and/or deductible at the time of your session.

Sessions are $150 per hour, $180 per an hour and half and intakes, $75 for 30 minutes, and sliding scale available by request only. 

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Sex Therapy?- Sex Therapy is a form of talk therapy were a certified sex therapist works with individuals or couples/partners to help them better understand their sexual history and how it impacts their current sexual and relational concerns. We know this can be a vulnerable topic so confidentiality is always uphold based on the the laws, and we will met you where you are at in working through your presenting concerns. In moving through therapy at times homework might be given to try things at home to progress through your individually and/or couples' designed paths of treatment. 

What is EMDR? EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which is a clinical tool and therapy used to help clients process traumatic events in an evidenced based way. As it work with one's brain to heal from the distressing events/feelings by allowing the brain to sequence the situation in a new way that cause less emotional distress. See for more information 

In reading about our services please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always here to help!